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Relation between blood group and mood changes

Authors:Senthamil Selvi K*, Chelikam Rohini, Senthil Velou M , Deepika V
Int J Biol Med Res. 2017; 8(3): 6046-6049  |  PDF File


Background & Aim: Recent clinical studies have supported the relationship between blood type and psychological disorders. There are studies relating the blood type with the personality of a person. We tried to find out the relationship between mood changes and blood type in students. Materials & Methods: Four hundred students were selected by random sampling. The students were asked to answer the DASS42 questionnaire from which their anxiety, depression and stress scales were calculated. Results: No stastically significant relationship between mood changes and blood group. Conclusion: The three psychological parameters anxiety, depression and stress related to mood changes are not related to blood type of a person. But among the three parameters, type A and type O students were found to have statistically significant higher scores in anxiety.