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Case report: a rare presentation of lower conjunctival fornix eyelashes cyst

Authors:Mohammad Aldroos
Int J Biol Med Res. 2018; 9(1): 6259-6260  |  PDF File


Purpose: To describe a rare presentation of a right lower conjunctival fornix eyelashes cyst. Case Report: A 56 year-old lady presented to our clinic complaining of blackish mass in the lower conjunctival fornix of the right eye ( see fig.1), with mild conjunctival hyperemia around the mass. There was no history of discharge and difficulty in extraocular muscles movements also there was no history of trauma. A gradually enlarging mass over the past few years with recurrent conjunctivitis. Slit lamp examination of the mass showed normal appearing eyelashes surrounded by capsule only. The mass was surgically excised with good cosmetic appearance and without any complications