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Alterations of antioxidant status, protein content and lipid peroxidation induced by butachlor (a herbicide) in s. plagiostomus found in nallah sukhnag

Authors:Shafaquat Nabi, S yed Tanveer, Showkat Ahmad Ganie
Int J Biol Med Res. 2018; 9(2): 6371-6376  |  PDF File


The study was conducted to assess the toxicity effect of butachlor on antioxidant status of Schizothorax plagiostomus present in Nallah Sukhnag (Kashmir). S. plagiostomus were administered with different doses (0.001mM, 0.01mM and 0.1 mM) of butachlor and were then analyzed for antioxidant status. Various markers of oxidative stress such as glutathione Stransferase, glutathione reductase, levels of reduced glutathione (GSH), protein content and lipid peroxidation (LPO), were estimated in muscle, intestine and liver of fish. Butachlorinduced LPO and modulate the levels of GSH, antioxidant enzyme activity and protein content in all organs examined. Results showed the decrease in all antioxidant enzymes, GSH, protein content but increase in lipid peroxidation in all the organs in group ΙΙΙ treated with high concentration of pesticide. Fish exposed to butachlor experienced oxidative stress which was concentration dependent