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Patient centered outcome assessment for periodontal therapy – a review.

Authors:Lakshmi Kanth.Kolaparthy, B.B.Santosh Kumar
Int J Biol Med Res. 2018; 9(3): 6448-6454  |  PDF File


Dental treatment has focused on assessment of treatment outcomes rather than patients experience of their disease. A better understanding from individual’s point of view is needed for planning and evaluation of health interventions and allocation of resources. Patient assessments are important to understand the effects of the treatment. This assessment can be used to demonstrate the burden of periodontal disease on wellbeing of population and use resources to improve access to oral health care services. Over the last decade, patient centered evaluation tools have been developed to assess patient’s subjective oral health in terms of how it affects patient’s daily activities, psychological well being and impact on individual’s quality of life. Patient-centered outcome measures provide feasible and appropriate methods for addressing patients’ concerns. This review discusses the various aspects of patient centred outcome assessment for periodontal therapy.