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A simple, cost-effective, fast and easy to isolate dna protocol from human samples

Authors:Sudeep Nagaraj, Shubha Nivargi, Leelavathy Nanjappa, Praveen Kumar Kondenahalli subbarayappa
Int J Biol Med Res. 2018; 9(4): 6508-6510  |  PDF File


DNA extraction is one of the most modern of the biological sciences. Scientists and doctors use DNA extraction to diagnose many medical conditions. DNA extraction can also be used to gather evidence in a criminal investigation. There are many methods for DNA isolation from human samples but all the available methods are more time consuming and require corrosive chemicals like phenol-chloroform, liquid nitrogen, silica and they are highly expensive chemicals also or it requires high-cost kits. The present study describes a rapid, reliable SDS buffer protocol suitable for extraction of DNA from Blood, fresh human tissue, dried tissue, bone, paraffin-embedded tissue and plastinated tissue samples. The protocol does not any require toxic chemicals and also consumes less time (<1 hour) and also cost-effective. In our study extracted DNA showed the excellent purity evidenced by UV spectrometer at the ratio of A260/A280 ranging from 1.8-1.85 and A260/A230 ratio was 2, which shows the preparations are sufficiently free from proteins and polysaccharides. This new method is suitable for all human samples including blood. The success of this method is that we obtained high-quality genomic DNA.