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Knowledge of people about the tuberculosis infection in the health center in baghdad

Authors:Ridhaa mohammed hasan alsaadawi
Int J Biol Med Res. 2018; 9(4): 6521-6525  |  PDF File


Background: Tuberculosis is the second-most common cause of death from infectious disease (after those due to HIV/AIDS) Aims: to identify the knowledge of people about TB disease in the health center, and to find out any relationships between demographic characteristic and knowledge of people. Methods: - A cross-sectional study was conducted at one of the health centers in a Sheikh Omar in the Al-Rusafa directorate for the period from January to May 2018. The sample size was 150 participants who reviewed the center for treatment and diagnosis. Samples were collected through a pre-prepared questionnaire containing demographic information and the interview was conducted directly with the auditor. The data analysis through descriptive (frequency, percent, p. value). Results: - the highest percentage of the participants 107/150(71.3%) still in the age groups 20-24 years, the female cases 79/150 (52.7%) were higher more than the male cases 71/150(47.3%). The distribution of the visitors to the sections of the center, the highest percentage were 42/150 (28%) of the vaccine room followed by the physician room 34/150 (22.7%). Conclusions: - we conclude that the highly significant relationship have been found between the department of the center and overall knowledge assessments p= 0.004. Not significant relationship has been found between the age groups, gender, marital status, monthly income and overall knowledge assessments at the p= 0. 145.p= 0.750, p=0.073, p=0.777.