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Genetic characterization on the rengma naga, kohima district, nagaland

Authors:Tsiapisa Pojar
Int J Biol Med Res. 2018; 9(4): 6531-6533  |  PDF File  |  Category: Genetics


In the present study an attempt was made to study the distribution of ABO, Rh (D), PTC taste sensitivity and colour blindness of the Rengma tribes of Nagaland, India and to understand the population affinities in relation to each other. In the present study blood groupings were done after collection of blood samples and statistical analyses were made. Blood group A (0.4056) shows the highest frequency followed by O (0.4137), B (0.1124) and AB (0.0683) among the Rengma Naga. Allele Rh (d) and Colour blindness was found to be less frequent among Rengma Naga. Whereas, the allele frequencies for PTC taster and non-taster were found to be 0.3475 & 0.6525 respectively.