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Prophetic medicine, islamic medicine, traditional arabic and islamic medicine

Authors:Hussein AA, Albar MA, Alsanad SM
Int J Biol Med Res. 2018; 9(3): 6460-6465  |  PDF File


At the present time, attention to traditional, protective, complementary and natural applications of medicine is on the rise. Religious medical therapies is a special case of curiosity. For Muslims, Prophetic Medicine (al-Ṭibb al-Nabawi) & Islamic Medicine, are gaining popularity as a reflection of love to their Prophet, Mohamed, and Sunnah (his traditions) perception. Al-Tıb al-Nabaw refers to the curative treatments and preventive medicine reported in the Prophetic guidance and practice. After the demise of the Prophet and the rise of Islam, a vast literature had been written in these fields. Some confusions are arising and questions being asked: is Prophetic Medicine and Islamic Medicine the same thing? What is this new term "Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine"? How those practices, if distinct, are interconnected to each other? And how related to alternative and complementary medicine? The issue of how to understand the Prophetic medicine has become a subject of interest for Muslims vis-à-vis to others in fields of modern medical sciences. This exploration is an initiative to critically review, analyze and construct, within contemporary understanding and practices, the existing formulations & definitions of Prophetic and Islamic Medicine, to propose answers to those arising questions