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Morphometry of mitral valve in south indian adult hearts: a cadaveric study

Authors:D. Kaur, K. Singh, N. Nair, S. Panday
Int J Biol Med Res. 2018; 9(4): 6475-6478  |  PDF File


Introduction: Mitral valve situated between left atrium and ventricle It is composed of several elements namely: annulus, cusps, tendinous cords and papillary muscles. It is the most common valve to be involved in acute Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) and thus normal dimensions of mitral valve are important in evaluation and proper management of mitral valve diseases. It may help to design prosthesis of appropriate size. Aims: To measure the circumference of valve at annulus, length of attachment at the annulus and height from annulus to free margin in the center of anterior cusp and anterolateral (ALS), middle (MS) & posteromedial (PMS) scallops of posterior cusp. Materials and Methods: The study was carried out on 60 adult South Indian human heart specimens fixed in 10% formalin solution in cm with the help of vernier caliper and thread. Results: Mean circumference was 9.30±1.72cm. Anterior cusp measurements: mean length at annulus and height were 3.18±0.81 cm and 2.19±0.72 respectively. Posterior cusp measurements: Mean lengths of ALS, MS & PMS were 1.41±0.76, 2.77±0.98 & 1.29±0.74 respectively. Mean heights of ALS, MS & PMS scallops were 2.19±0.72, 1.27±0.44 & 1.29±0.74 cm respectively. Conclusion: In the present study, we have measured the length and height of each scallop of posterior cusp which showed middle scallop being largest whereas other authors have measured the length and height of complete posterior cusp as such without considering the scallops. This makes our study unique.