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Effects of sunflower seeds on cholesterol and triglycerides levels in patients with dyslipidemia

Authors:Cheenam bhatia and Leena parihar
Int J Biol Med Res. 2019; 10(2): 6720-6723  |  PDF File


Objective: The present study was conducted with the aim to assess and analyse the effect of sunflower seeds on the serum Cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Methods: 60 patients comprising of 34 males and 26 females were selected for the given study. The patients were divided into case and con troll group. Various anthropometric measurements like weight, height and blood pressure along with certain biochemical parameters like Cholesterol and Triglycerides were recorded for these patients pre and post supplementation of 2 g of sunflower seeds for 6 months. Results: The patients taking sunflower seeds showed a positive and a faster decrease in their Cholesterol Levels as compared to the control group. The Cholesterol levels in the case group reduced from 259.10± 35.97 to 184.60± 4.35 mg/dl whereas in control group it reduced from 235.06± 24.23 to 198.36± 2.48 mg/dl. Similarly the triglyceride levels in the case group decreased from 230.70±28.88 to 145.07±7.07 mg/dl in contrast in control group it decreased from 203.167± 29.16 to 153.133± 2.13 mg/dl respectively.Conclusion: The study conducted concluded that the sunflower seeds can be used an adjuvant in treating the deranged cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood stream which otherwise could have resulted in various cardiac disorder (both major and minor).