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Effects Of Aqueous Stem Bark Extract Of Vitellaria Paradoxa On Human Neutrophil Function And Viability

Authors:M.U. Kalgo , K.M. Hamid , U. A. Muhammad , A. Balarabe , M. H. Yeldu , I.S. Yahaya , Z.M. Kalgo , B. Aliyu , Y.G. Bala .
Int J Biol Med Res. 2019; 10(3): 6782-6787  |  PDF File


Background: Neutrophils are the predominant innate immune cells in human blood. They are known to patrol and protect the body against any invading pathogen; they are indispensable for controlling bacterial and fungal infections. This study determined the effects of aqueous stem bark extract of Vitellaria paradoxa on human neutrophil viability and function. Materials and methods: A total of thirty healthy volunteers participated in this study. Three milliliter of venous blood was collected, Neutrophils were harvested using Histopaque-1119 and suspended in RPMI. Trypan Blue exclusion test was used for cell viability before and after treatment with 25ml, 50/ml, 100/ml and 1000ml of the extract. Phagocytic (PI) and Microbicidal (MI) indexes of neutrophils were determined using Candida albicans suspension. Result: Viability of Neutrophils before treatment was 95.8%. Neutrophils treated with 1000/ml of the extract recorded a lowest viability 82.2 %. Viability score for treatment control was significantly different from those treated with 50, 100 and 1000 (p<0.0001). There was significant decrease in the viability scores from pre-treatment Neutrophils to treatment with different concentration of the extract (p<0.05). The PI for treatment control was significantly different from the Neutrophils treated with different concentration of the extract (p<0.0001).Neutrophils treated with 1000ml of the plant extract shows the highest MI(99.7%) whereas those treated with 25 of the plant extract have the lowest MI (89.3%). Conclusion: Neutrophils viability decrease with increase concentration of the extract. PI decrease with increase in the extract concentration. MI increase with increase in extract concentration. The stem back extract of V. paradoxa have potential effect on human neutrophils.