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Foramen Caecum of anterior cranial fossa: variation and clinical significance

Authors:Raman deep Kaur, Dr Anshu Sharma, Dr Kanchan Kapoor
Int J Biol Med Res. 2019; 10(3): 6788-6789  |  PDF File


Foramen caecum is a usually small blind foramen present just anterior to Crista galli. If it is patent it gives passage to a vein. The present study was under taken to observe variation in the number, patency, and size of the foramen caecum and bifurcation of Crista galli. Study was done on 49 dry skulls, with normal base of skull from Department of Anatomy, Government medical college, Chandigarh. Foramen caecum was found in 42 skulls. Only one skull had no foramen caecum. In 41 cases foramen ended blind but in one case it was found patent. There were numerous small foramina in one case. In two cases foramen caecum was very small as just short of complete obliteration. In remaining 38 dry skulls it showed presence of normal size foramen caecum. Bifurcation of Crista galli was not observed in any of the cases. Foramen caecum is important because in patent cases, infections of the nose and nearby areas can be transmitted to the meninges and brain through the emissary vein.