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In Silico Identification of potential Drug Target and Analysis of Effective Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Authors:Manisha Ray , Jagruti Mishra , Abhishikta Priyadarshini , Souvagyalaxmi Sahoo*
Int J Biol Med Res. 2019; 10(3): 6790-6795  |  PDF File


Autism or Autism spectrum disorder is one of the most heritable neurophyschitric disorders; its underlying genetic architecture has largely eluded description. However the advances in genetics and genomics science and technology have the potential to revolutionize health care, so the number of reports investigating disease susceptibility based on the carriage of low- penetrance, high frequency SNPs has increased in recent years as SNPs are the most important and basic form of variation in the genome, and they are responsible for genetic effects that produce susceptibility to most autoimmune diseases. Here, the identification of novel target genes of ASD were retrieved and validated in subjected to Autdb, GeneCards, MalaCards, STRING and many others, which resulted total 86 numbers of target genes for ASD. Thereafter the collection of associated Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of the target genes became efficaciously carried out with the involvement of SIFT, PolyPhen2, PROVEAN and SNAP2, which results the most deleterious SNP with rsID35859650, rs34526199 and rs61752478 of selected target gene AMPD1 against ASD. The finding of this current study followed by GWAS not solely revealed the foremost necessary target genes for ASD, however conjointly it provides the associated single nucleotide polymorphisms can take one step nearer or forward to unravel the complicated structure of common deadly diseases especially mental disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder.