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Study the effect of monensin, vit e and date palm extract on some sperm parameters of arabi rams

Authors:Khairi,G.Alrikabia, Kareem,H. Muhannaa Ziad, G.kushan
Int J Biol Med Res. 2019; 10(4): 6900-6903  |  PDF File


This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of monensin, vit E and date palm extract on some sperm parameters of Arabi rams .twenty Arabi rams were used in this study, randomly distributed in 4 groups, each group contain 5 animals. which treated daily as the following : control (without addition), T1(50 ml of date palm seeds extract/head), T2 (50 mg vit E / head ) and T3 (200 mg monensin /head). Semen was collected weekly by using artificial vagina. After semen collection the sperm parameters were evaluated as well as estimation the level of tetesterone and some of oxidative enzymes. The results showed that T1 and T2 exhibited enhancement in semen volume ,sperm concentration , individual motility and level of testosterone while there was reduction of the level of MDA and elevation of GPx and SOD compared to control and T3. It was concluded that DPS and vit E have advanced effect on sperm parameters of Arabi rams.