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Effect of isometric hand grip exercise training on blood pressure in stage 1 hypertensive individuals

Authors:Sneha Pramod Pande, Abhijit D. Diwate, Arijit Kumar Das, NidhiAhy
Int J Biol Med Res. 2020; 11(3): 7074-7080  |  PDF File


Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness of isometric handgrip exercise training on blood pressure in stage I hypertensive individuals. Methods: participants were screened for inclusion criteria. Measurement of blood pressure was assessed as per standard guidelines utilizing a cardiac multipara monitor. Isometric exercise protocol was derived from maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) values of participants and asked to perform the isometric contraction of dominant hand at 30% of MVC for 3 minutes and repeat for 5 times with rest of 1 minute after each bout of contraction Blood pressure was measured after a rest of 1 min. This exercise protocol was repeated 3 times/week for 10 week. Baseline Blood pressure readings were compared with the blood pressure after exercise training of 10 weeks. Results: Statistical analysis was done by using SPSS 17 version of IBM. To check the difference between baseline, 1st week, 5th week and 10th week, repeated measures of ANOVA was used. The significant level was considered at p < 0.0001. Conclusion: The study concludes that isometric handgrip exercise reduces blood pressure in patients with stage I hypertension after 10 weeks of isometric handgrip exercise training.