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Combinations of hybrid brain computer interfaces used in biomedical applications- a review

Authors:Anish Mitra, Arjun Shilotri, Dr Sandesh R.S
Int J Biol Med Res. 2021; 12(2): 7312-7317  |  PDF File


Mankind, from the start of the Golden Era of Science has wanted to achieve the the pinnacle of success when it comes to technology. From achieving the first vaccine to space exploration, technology has seen advancements in all fields. Biomedical sciences in particular, have seen the biggest gain due to the introduction of technology infused with biological concepts. Being an upcoming sub-field of biomedical science, Brain Computer Interfaces have picked up pace over the past decade extending itself into different domains. This paper aims to provide a holistic take on the combinations of these interfaces which are termed as Hybrid Brain Computer Interfaces for vast number of applications. Keywords: BCI, Hybrid BCI, P300, SSVEP, Motor Imagery