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Analysis and correlation of finger prints with blood groups among students of pacific dental college, udaipur-india

Authors:DR V Kumar, N.Pallavi, Nikhil Verma, Sumit Deshpande, Manish Chadha, Abhinav Agarwal
Int J Biol Med Res. 2021; 12(1): 7200-7203  |  PDF File


Abstract Introduction: Crime scene has a specific identity, so are the criminals. Forensic medicine smells the criminal from scene of crime. It shows the role-play of criminals in the event of crime through detecting certain evidences. Finger prints are genetically inherited and are immutable from birth to death, hence considered as the best tools of identification. Literature states that there is a correlation between the physical characters and blood groups. Identification of finger prints along with the blood groups which are most common evidences in the crime areas, would drive the forensic scientist towards more reliable, accurate and definitive investigation. Aim of the study: a. To determine the incidence of different patterns of finger prints among ABO blood groups. b. To ascertain the correlation between finger prints and blood groups. Materials and method: The present study was carried out among 200 dental students aged 20-25 years in Pacific dental college, Udaipur using simple random sampling technique. Blood groups of all the subjects were determined in the pathology lab of the college. The finger prints were analyzed by two authors with the help of powerful hand magnifying lens. The observations were categorized accordingly and correlated with the blood groups. Results & conclusion: The study disclosed higher incidence of distribution with loop pattern followed by whorl pattern in O blood group students. Comparing the finger prints with blood groups there was no significant correlation though the entities had their own significance when analyzed individually.