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A study on the role of high fructose diet induced type 2 diabetes and preneoplastic uterine inflammation in female rats

Authors:Heba Shoukry
Int J Biol Med Res. 2021; 12(1): 7227-7231  |  PDF File


Introduction: Dysregulated insulin levels plays a role in the occurrence of metabolic syndrome. Collected data indicates a link between insulin and preneoplastic state. Thus the present study aimed to explore the possible role of insulin in the pathogenic events of preneoplastic inflammation of uterus in an experimental model of type II DM in female rats induced by high fructose diet. Materials and Method: 24 female rats were randomly into control group (I) , Diabetic group (II). Animals were sacrificed ,blood samples were collected for serum glucose, triglycerides, FFA, insulin and HOMAIR and IGF1. Uteri were dissected for detection of IGF and adiponectin. Results: Diabetic groups showed significant increase in serum glucose, triglycerides, free fatty acid, insulin, IGF1 and HOMAIR levels. Dissected uterus tissues showed significant decrease in receptor gene expression of adiponectin and marked increase in IGF1 receptor gene expression. Conclusion: Insulin-IGF1 axis positively correlate with preneoplastic uterus inflammation especially associated with obesity.