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Working in lap of corona virus disease (covid -19) at hmch hazaribagh jharkhand

Authors:Vinay Bhushan , Khushboo Kumari
Int J Biol Med Res. 2021; 12(1): 7256-7258  |  PDF File


Health care workers involved in caring of patients other than covid isolation and covid ward faces mental stress, physical exhaustion. They do not know the status of patient coming to hospital.Working in emergency and OPD they faces difficulty in triage decisions, where to admit the patients( without covid test)either in isolation or general ward with other patients.Patients admitted to health facility for other reasons are particularly vulnerable to infection from super – spreading events.There is always risk of getting infection while doing some procedure such as non-invasive ventilation , Bag and mask ventilation,drug administration and others.Risk of infection is always higher among professionals ,who work in close proximity to patients.Jharkhand, where pandemic is escalating,there are major gaps in respone capacity,especially in human resourses and protective equipment.Even low cost interventions such as face mask, hand senitizer,proper hand washing may be challenging,as is physical distensing in over crowded hoapital. Without adequate protection,covid -19 mortality may be high among health care workers.