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Comparison of pt/inr results between automatic self-monitoring coagulation analyzer device and laboratory method in patients on oral anticoagulation

Authors:Satyajit Samal
Int J Biol Med Res. 2021; 12(2): 7285-7287  |  PDF File


Background- Warfarin and Acitrom are commonly used oral anticoagulants in preoperative and postoperative period in patients with cardiovascular diseases which needs frequent dose modification depending on INR values in specialized biochemistry laboratories. Nowadays newer self-monitoring devices are available to assess the INR values. Objective- To compare the INR values obtained by self-monitoring coagulometer with the standard laboratory method. Methods- Total 200 patients underwent INR estimation by both conventional laboratory method and self-monitoring coagulometer. Correlation between the methods was analyzed by pearson correlation coefficient and Bland-Altman analysis was used to assess mean difference. Results- The mean INR values by standard laboratory test was 2.72±1.25 and 2.92 ±1.35 by self-monitoring coagulometer. There was a strong correlation between both the methods and mean difference was 0.2±0.1 Conclusion- There was good consistency between INR values by both methods showing rapid and reliable analysis by self-monitoring coagulometers.