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A comparetive study of facial index of women of qyamkhani muslims and rajaputs community of hanumangarh dirtrict of rajasthan

Int J Biol Med Res. 2021; 12(3): 7364-7365  |  PDF File


The facial index is length from the root of nose to the root of bottom of chin, expressed as a percentage of the greatest breadth across the cheek bones.Facial differences are much more marked in relation to face than elsewhere, so it is very useful anthropologically. For these 22 women of Qyamkhani Muslims and 21 women of Rajputs Community between the age group of 18-40 were taken and their facial index was calculated and compared to each other. The result indicated that average facial index in Rajputs women (95.58± 2.09) was higher than Qyamkhani Muslims women (93.75 ± 2.70).Mostly they were Hyperleptoprosopic and Leptoprosopic. Average facial height (cm) in Qyamkhani Muslims women and Rajputs women were 11.15 ± 0.69 and 11.67 ± 0.45 and average breadth (cm) is 11.89 ± 0.69 and 12.23 ± 0.49.