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Effect of wearing different face mask for prolonged period on fatigue and other medical problems in medical professionals in covid-19 pandemic – an observational study

Authors:Miss. Nikita Vitthal Pattiwale, Arijit Kumar Das , Abhijit Diwate
Int J Biol Med Res. 2021; 12(3): 7348-7355  |  PDF File


Background- The coronavirus disease, which originated in the city of Wuhan, China, has quickly spread to various countries, with many cases having been reported worldwide. As of May 8th, 2020, in India, 56,342 positive cases have been reported. Masks can help prevent the spread of the virus from the person wearing the mask to others. HCW’s need to wear the mask for prolonged period of time as they come in contact with various people and so there are many adverse effects of the mask on the body such as fatigue and other medical problems etc. Masks include mainly 3 types: N-95 respirators, surgical masks, cloth masks. Methods- The study was conducted at vikhe patil medical hospital and college of Physiotherapy, Ahmednagar. Pre and Post experiences of breathlessness and perception were compared. Result- - In this survey, there are total 51 participants. In which, it was divided in 3 groups. i.e., surgical mask. Cloth mask, N-95 respirator. both males and females were included in the study. On day one, they were asked to complete the pre-form, which detailed their experience prior to wearing the mask, and seven days later, they were asked to complete the post-form, which detailed their experience after they began to use the mask. As a result, both experiences were compared and contrasted. Health care workers (HCWs) who wore face masks were shown to be weary and to have various medical difficulties such as migraines, ear pain, acne, and difficulty breathing. Conclusion- As a result, N-95 respirators appear to cause more weariness than cloth or surgical masks. Surgical masks also cause various health problems, such as headaches, acne, respiratory problems, and ear pain. When it comes to safety, though, the N-95 respirator is the greatest option.