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Study Of Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphism And Its Association With Vitamin D Levels In Healthy Individuals.

Int J Biol Med Res. 2022; 13(2): 7463-7465  |  PDF File


The study is aimed to evaluate the normal distribution of Taq1 gene polymorphism and its influence on vitamin D status in healthy individuals of South Indian population. The study population comprised of 100 normal individuals of age 25-60yrs.person with diabetic, hypertensives, CAD are excluded. Fasting venous blood collected from each and base line investigations ,25 hydroxy vitamin D levels, and polymorphic studies were done. The genotype distribution among the study population of which the common genotype is homozygous tt genotype (94%) and heterozygous Tt genotype accounts for (6%).there is no homozygous TT genotype. Among the study population group-1 individuals have increased frequency of tt genotype (22.3%) and group-2 have Tt genotype of (66.7%). And there is no correlation between the genotype and vitamin D levels in this study population