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Effect of plant growth regulator fungicide and abscisic acid on the growth and biochemical properties of basella alba as a model system

Int J Biol Med Res. 2023; 14(1): 7554-7559  |  PDF File  |  DOI No.: 11.2023-34378967


Objective: To study the effects of plant growth promoter fungicide & plant hormone Abscisic acid on the growth and biochemical properties of the plant. In our study we have taken Basella alba (Malabar Spinach) as a model system for our study. Methodology: It was an experimental approach. Wines with 3-6 nodes were selected and planted separately in 20 pots. Difenoconazole and ABA at a specific concentration were used. The plants were irrigated with tap water. The treatments were given on 25, 50 and 75 days after planting (DAP) by soil drenching, The plants were taken randomly on 45, 65 and 85 DAP for analyses and separated into root, stem and leaves used for determining growth and biochemical changes. Results: The total height of the plant increased with ABA treatment but decreased with Difenoconazole whereas there was increase in rootlenghth in both the treatments. The total leaf area of the plant decreased in both Difenoconazole and Abscisic acid treatment. We found significant increase in Chlorophyll, Cartoneoid & Xanthophyll content of the plant against both the treatments. In the same manner remarkable increase in the total protein content, amino acid content and phenol content was also observed after both the treatments. Conclusion: This study aims to reveal the efficacy of the growth regulating fungicide and Abscisic acid in the growth and biochemical properties of the plant. Conclusion: It was concluded that Difenoconazole and Abscisic acid are effective in overall plant development though Difenoconazole is least effective in increasing the total leaf area and height of the plant.