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Comparing the effectiveness of various hand-sanitizers against e. coli aryan narang

Authors:Aryan Narang
Int J Biol Med Res. 2023; 14(2): 7595-7596  |  PDF File  |  DOI No.: 11.2023-27241829


Over the years, I have noticed that my hands would react vigorously to hand-sanitizers. The anti-bacterial gel could cause my skin to burn with a slight redness, but the degree to which this happened varied. This led me to wonder why this burning sensation was different for different sanitizers, or why some sanitizers were more reactive than others. With research, I understood that this difference was due to differences in the effect on live bacteria. During my internship at the Shri Baidyanath Research Institute, an ayurvedic pharmaceutical institute, I learned in detail the manner in which the effectiveness of their antibacterial medicines was experimentally tested. Using the breadth of knowledge I gained from my time there, I decided to investigate, through experimentation, the effectiveness of different hand-sanitizers against bacteria, or more specifically, E. coli strain K-12.