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Dicephalus parapagus tribrachius - a rare variety of conjoined twins : a case report

Authors:Akshath K S, Balasunder B C, Srihari Alapati, Beeregowda Y C, Thageeru Mahesh kumar
Int J Biol Med Res. 2023; 14(4): 7675-7677  |  PDF File  |  DOI No.: 11.2023-56424491


Conjoined twins are a rare occurrence that poses serious difficulties for parents and medical professionals, and many theories have been put out to explain this occurrence. The name "Parapagus" is relatively new, and it refers to a very unusual condition in which identical twins fuse ventro-laterally and lie side by side. This condition accounts for only 0.5% of all known occurrences. Approximately 11% of conjoined twins are dicephalic. A rare type of lateral partial twinning known as dicephalic parapagus has two heads on one trunk. In this case study, we provide the autopsy findings of a set of male parapagus twins with tribrachius delivered via caesarean section at SNR district hospital Kolar. The various anomalies of the thoracic, abdominal cavity and central nervous system are illustrated.