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Exploring the protective effects of vitamin c and d against phosphine-induced kidney damage

Authors:Akinpelu MORONKEJI, Frederick O AKINBO, Solomon Matthias GAMDE, Temidayo Daniel ADENIYI, Abiodun Abioye OYELEKE, IDOWU-Aiye Faith
Int J Biol Med Res. 2023; 14(4): 7665-7668  |  PDF File  |  DOI No.: 11.2023-89324139


Background: In Africa, Aluminium phosphide is commonly used to store and transport food grains. Unfortunately, the chemical build-up in our food is poisonous without a specific antidote. We speculate that the antioxidant effects of vitamins C and D could mitigate the long list of side effects. Aim of the Work: To determine the possible protective effect of vitamins C and D against phosphine-induced kidney damage in Wistar rats Materials and Method: This is an experimental laboratory-based study. Twenty Wistar rats were assigned randomly into five groups (n=4). Group, I served as the normal control while Groups II-V were exposed to 2.5 mg/kg phosphine tablet. Group II was the positive control without treatment while Groups III-V were treated with vitamin C (100mg/kg/bw), and vitamin D (10mg/kg/bw). Group V was co-administered with vitamins C and D. All treatments lasted 30 days. Animals were euthanized and blood was collected via cardiac puncture for renal function parameters while the excised kidney was processed histologically by the paraffin wax method. Result: There was a significant increase in the urea and creatinine levels in phosphine-induced animals, indicating the kidney was injured. Creatinine is a more reliable marker for assessing kidney function than urea. Moreover, a number of interstitial foci of hemorrhage and inflammatory cells observed in the kidney confirmed the renal toxicity of phosphine. However, the co-administration of vitamins C and D produced dose-related improvements in the kidney parenchyma. Conclusion: Aluminium phosphide is toxic to the kidney parenchyma. However, co-administration of vitamins C and D ameliorates phosphine-induced kidney damage.