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Surgical excision of infiltrative mammary lipoma in a twelve-year old local breed of bitch through modified radical mastectomy

Authors:Melkamu Birhanu Meharu & Jiregna Dugassa Kittesa
Int J Biol Med Res. 2024; 15(1): 7756-7759  |  PDF File


ABSTRACT A complete surgical excision of lipoma is one of the most common and recommended treatment in dogs followed by the systemic administration of antibiotics and ant-inflammatory drugs and routine wound dressing. This case report describes surgical excision of lipoma in twelve-year old local breed bitch that was brought to Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the Addis Ababa University, with a history of large-sized and pendulous swelling on the ventral abdomen in between left and right parts of the mammary glands. Upon clinical examination via palpation, the mass was semisolid in consistency, which is apparently painless, and was moderately firm indicating attachment to structures beneath it. The vital body parameters like heart rate, respiration rate, and rectal temperature were within physiological limits. Based on history and rigorous clinical examination the case was tentatively diagnosed as infiltrative lipoma. Finally, it was removed surgically under adequate resuscitative measures followed by aseptic preparation. Then the removed mass was subjected to histopathological examination for confirmation and the incision layers were routinely closed with appropriate suture materials and patterns. At the end, the bitch was closely monitored at Veterinary Teaching Hospital for several weeks. This was done through systemic administration of antibiotics and anti-pain and routine wound dressing. In addition, it was kept on fluid therapy with dextrose normal saline via intravenous and Glucose 40% orally for 2-3 days of post-operation. Lastly, after surgery, the dog was uneventfully recovered without recurrence upon the follow-up period for five months.