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Evaluation of diagnostic accuracy of elisa method in the detection of anti-nuclear antibodies compared to immunofluorescence

Authors:N.Sudha, P.Balapriya, P.S. Arul Raja Murugan
Int J Biol Med Res. 2024; 15(1): 7746-7749  |  PDF File


Autoimmune connective tissue diseases are group of disorders in which autoantibodies are formed against self-antigen present in the nucleus and other component of the cell. The most common methods to detect antinuclear antibodies are ELISA and indirect Immunofluorescence. This study aims to evaluate the validity of ANA ELISA method as compared to Indirect immunofluorescence (IF) assay which is considered as the gold standard test. This is a descriptive study conducted in the department of Immunology, Madras Medical College Chennai, during the period of October 2021 to December 2021 with 110 samples. ANA ELISA and Indirect Immunofluorescence were done as per the instructions provided by manufacturer of kit. Out of the 110 samples 75 cases were positive, in this 29 were positive by Immunofluorescence alone, 43 cases were positive by both and 3 cases were positive by ELISA alone. The Pearson Correlation coefficient value showed positive correlation between the grading of intensity of the positive immunofluorescence pattern and optical density of antinuclear antibodies by ELISA. So both the methods can be used but in centers with appropriate facilities Immunofluorescence proves to be the gold standard in the diagnosis.