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High-risk sexual partnerships and condom use among truckers entering mumbai city

Authors:Quazi Syed Zahiruddin , Abhay M Gaidhane , Sunita Shanbhag , S P Zodpey
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(4): 938 – 941  |  PDF File


Background: India has one of largest road networks in the world and an estimated 5 million truckers. These men are away from their homes, spouse, families for long durations, this lead them to lead a risky lifestyle making them more susceptible to exposure to STIs including HIV/AIDS. Methods: Present study design is a cross-sectional one and was undertaken among truckers entering Mumbai city. The study was conducted at truck depots, which are check post where trucks enter Mumbai city. Results: Mean age of 667 truckers was 33.85 years. 69.1 % of respondents were married, and 16.2 % were illiterate. 45.5 % of truck driver were having experience less than 5 years in their job, 78.4 % of truckers interviewed were staying away from home for more than 15 days per trip, 503 (75.4 %) had heard about HIV/AIDS, 66.1 % of truckers were having sexual relationship with casual partners. Only 14 (2%) were using condom regularly while sexual relationship with casual partners. Conclusions: Education is backbone of any behavioral change as this is first process needed to reduce risk taking behavior of migration. Provision of syndrome management of STIs and HIV counseling is recommended at strategic points along major trucking routes to allow easy access to care and counseling.