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Precaval right renal artery- a cadaveric study. incidence and clinical implications

Authors:Anupma Gupta* Raman Gupta 1Rikki Singhal 2
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(4): 1195 – 1197  |  PDF File


ABSTRACT- Precaval renal artery is a rare but important variant of renal vascular anatomy and identifying this anomaly is important for the planning of minimally invasive renal surgery. Right renal artery normally crosses posterior to the inferior vena cava but precaval right renal artery crosses anterior to it. Aim- This study is presenting anatomical description of this anomalous pattern of renal artery and highlighting its incidence and clinical implications. Materials and methods- The present study conducted on 50 human cadavers obtained from department of Anatomy. Result-precaval right renal arteries were observed only in 3(6%) cases. Out of these, 3% were dominant and 3% were accessory precaval right renal arteries. All these precaval right renal arteries aroused from abdominal aorta, two from anterior aspect and two from lateral aspect of abdominal aorta. Conclusion- On the basis of this study we concluded that precaval right renal artery appears to be more common than previously thought and there is a strong association between lower origin of right renal artery and precaval right renal artery.