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Muscular innervation of musucles of the upper extremities by the musculocutaneous nerve and the motor deficit arising from lesions of this nerve

Authors:Dr Ameer khushru kazi
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(4): 1094 -1097  |  PDF File


Purpose; Aim of the study is to know the musculocutaneous nerve innervating the musculature of the upper limb and further to find out the motor deficit resulting from the lesions of this major branch of the brachial plexus arising from the cord. Method: Study was carried out in 54 upper extremities of 27 adult human cadavers; careful observation and meticulous dissection were carried out. Results and discussion: The origin, course and branching pattern of the musculocutaneous nerve of the brachial plexus were identified because of their common involvement in disease, trauma and injury of the upper extremities. Musculocutaneous nerves were found in all upper extremities of 27 adult human cadavers except in one limb where it was absent. We also noted an abnormal communication between musculocutaneous nerve and median nerve in five limbs. Keywords: musculocutaneous nerve, upper limb