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Frequencies of abo blood groups and haemolysins in osogbo, south-western nigeria

Authors:Muhibi M A, Hassan R O, Zakariyahu T O, Tijani B A, Hassan W O , Muhibi M O
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(1): 1248-1250  |  PDF File


The aim of this study was to determine the frequencies of ABO Blood groups and haemolysins (α and ß) in Osogbo metropolis. Seventeen thousands, nine hundred and thirty one subjects (Age≥18) who consented to donating blood for transfusion and/or blood group determination were included in this study. About 5mls of blood were collected into plain bottles from each subject. Cells and sera grouping were subsequently carried out after clot retraction. Blood group O individuals have the highest frequency (53.6%) followed by B and A with 21.3% and 21.1% respectively. Blood Group AB individuals recorded the lowest frequency of 4.0%. α and ß haemolysins were discovered in 4 out of 9,605 blood group O subjects (0.042%) concurrently. All blood transfusion/-banking centers in the community should always strive to stock blood units and products in this proportion to be able to respond to transfusion needs of the community adequately and appropriately too. Screening of blood units for clinically significant antibodies including α and β haemolysins is recommended to be religiously observed, while selection for cross matching should be based on the information generated from both blood grouping and antibody screening. Homologous transfusion should remain the priority.