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Morphological variations of lung -a cadaveric study in north coastal andhra pradesh

Authors:Bhimai Devi N, Narasinga Rao B , Sunitha V
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(4): 1149 – 1152  |  PDF File


Knowledge of anatomical variations is required by all radiologists and CTsurgeons for independent and accurate interpretation of imaging technologies available at present like digital x-ray, CT scan and MRI studies. During the routine dissection variations in major fissures of lung have become a frequent entity, which prompted the authors to undertake prevalence of variations involving lobes and fissures of lung in cadavers of north coastal Andhra Pradesh. Properly embalmed 22 cadavers have been dissected and the thoracic cavities were examined for the above mentioned features. Two left lungs showed absence of fissures; in eight left lungs incomplete oblique fissure was observed. In four right lungs of transverse fissure was incomplete and in two right lungs incomplete oblique and transverse fissures were found. In two cadavers accessory lobes were present, one on right side and one on left side. Comparative analysis of present work with previous data in literature suggest that different studies performed on radiological images reported greater prevalence of incomplete or absence of pulmonary fissures as compared to present cadaveric study. Therefore our afore mentioned findings with regard to fissures and lobes is different from previous studies. Variational lung anatomy is important in as far as diagnosis, treatment of diseases involving all domains of medicine. Anatomical knowledge of fissures and lobes are important for CT surgeons, radiologists for interpreting x-rays, CT scans and MRI and also it is of academic interest to all medical persons.