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Supplementation with a polyherbal extract and melatonin together with exercise effectively reverses diabetic glycaemic status and carbohydrate metabolism and insulin level.

Authors:Prem Kumar Singh , Darshee Bhushan Baxi , Kavita Harish Potnis, Raktim Mukherjee , Ramachandran AV
Int J Biol Med Res. 2010; 1(3): 54 - 60  |  PDF File


The present study is a multi-dimensional approach aimed at assessing the efficacy of a polyherbal extract in combination with melatonin intake, as a safe natural anti-oxidant of the body, along with a regimen of swimming exercise. Adult albino rats were made diabetic by a single intraperitoneal injection of alloxan (120 mg / kg body weight). Control and experimental animals were subjected to swimming exercise together with administration of melatonin and PE for a further duration of 15 days and, upon sacrifice, various parameters related to lipid metabolism, enzymic and non enzymic markers of oxidative stress and serum markers of hepatic and renal dysfunction were evaluated. Results revealed a differential response in the form of lowered tissue lipid and cholesterol load though with certain degree of renal oxidative stress and abnormal renal function and a marginally higher serum levels of cholesterol and lipid. In contrast to non-diabetic animals, diabetic ones were more sensitive to S+M+PE treatment schedule as marked by the significant depletion in tissue lipid and cholesterol contents as well as anti hypertriglyceridemic and hypercholesterolemic effects. The present study involving a combination therapy seems to cause some oxidative stress as marked by significant decrement in CAT and SOD activities of liver, muscle and kidney along with GSH depletion with no increase in LPO. Increase in serum Corticosterone level could be speculated to be contributor of oxidative stress. In conclusion it can be said that S+M+PE is an effective combination therapy exerting antilipidemic effects but with some incompetence in containing sub adaptive swimming exercise induced oxidative stress and hepatic and renal dysfunctions. A properly worked out intensity and duration dependent adaptive exercise schedule is likely to overcome these shortcomings. Such an exercise schedule needs to be then studied in conjunction with melatonin supplementation and PE treatment.