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In vitro protective effect of vitamin b12 derivatives against thimerosal-induced oxidative stress in human cultured neuronal cells, sh-sy5y

Authors:Mostafa I. Waly, Amanat Ali, Mohamed M. Essa
Int J Biol Med Res. 2010; 1(4): 202-205  |  PDF File


This study is directed towards investigating the ability of various forms of vitamin B12 to augment intracellular gluthathione (GSH) level as well as studying their possible protective effect against the thimerosal-inuced oxidative stress. SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cell culture system was used as a model for this study. Cells were acutely (60 minutes) treated with 3 different vitamin B12 derivatives (methyl-, hydroxy- and cyanocobalamin) in the presence and absence of thimerosal, vaccine antimicrobial agent. The results revealed that only methylcobalamin augmented the GSH level, while other forms (hydrorxy- and cyanocobalamin). Also methylcobalamin was the only derivative that showed a protective effect against the thimerosal-induced depletion of GSH. Our findings provide evidence that thimerosal induces oxidative stress inhuman neuronal cells by depleting GSH and only methylcobalamin protects the cells against such insult and improving the antioxidant intracellular capacity against oxidative stress, a common cause for pathogenesis of many diseases including, autism.