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Knowledge and practice of contact lens wear and care among contact lens users medical students of rural medical college, loni, maharashtra, india

Authors:Waman M. Chavan , Purushottam A. Giri, Deepak B. Phalke , Surekha V. Bangal
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(1): 1385-1387  |  PDF File


This cross sectional study was conducted in final year medical students of Rural Medical College, Loni with aim to find out the knowledge and practice of contact lens wear and care among contact lens users medical students. Data was collected by using a pre-tested, semi-structural questionnaire. There were total 339 final year medical students during the study period, out of which 58 students who has ever worn contact lens for any period of time and for whatever reason were included for the study. Thus the prevalence of contact lens wearers was 17.1%. Majority of the contact lens users were female (49, 84.4%), with female to male ratio being 5.4:1. Main reasons for using contact lenses were cosmetic and convenience. Most of the students (82.72%) were using contact lenses on regular basis. Maximum students (53.44%) were not aware of over wear syndrome. Most of the students were using commercial solution for cleaning contact lens, while some were using self prepared solutions. All contact lens users clean contact lenses daily. Many students (62.06%) were using kajal, though they knew its side effects. Some contact lens users suffered from complications like general discomfort and redness. Many students were knowing that cornea is deprived of oxygen due to use of contact lens, still most of them were happy with contact lenses as their vision was better and feeling comfortable with contact lens. Improper practice of contact lens wear and care even in educated users such as medical students could increase the risk of complications. Therefore, a need for more education to the consumers is desired.