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A study of incidence of single coronary artery

Authors:Patel MP , Dixit DP, Pandya AM , Gohil DV, Singel TC
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(1): 1348-1350  |  PDF File


Knowledge of the normal & variant anatomy and anomalies of coronary circulation is very important as anomalous coronaries may cause potentially dangerous symptoms and even sudden death. Cadaveric study in an unsuspected population gives the incidence of anomalies and evaluation of the value of screening for such anomalies. 210 hearts (115 males & 95 females) obtained from the Dept of Forensic medicine & Dept of Anatomy, Shree M. P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar, Gujarat, and Dept of Anatomy, P.D.U. Medical College Rajkot, Gujarat, were dissected to determine the incidence of single coronary artery (SCA) by noting the no. & course of coronary arteries, no. and position of coronary ostia and presence of any cardiac anomalies. Of the 210 hearts, 89.52% showed presence of two coronaries, 10% were having more than two coronaries and 0.48% had a Single coronary artery (SCA). Incidence of SCA in unsuspected population in present study is 0.48%. 1 case of SCA showed single coronary ostium in the left aortic sinus, no cases of SCA with coronary ostium in the right or posterior sinus were found. No case of SCA with associated cardiac anomaly was recorded in present study.