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Giant presacral-pelvic cystic schwannoma presenting as a right iliac fossa mass - megacolon in a poliomyelitis patient: a rare case report & review of literature

Authors:Ambikavathy.M, Mohan Kumar. K, Kumar.S, Uday Kumar, Iram Shaikh
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(1): 1442-1446  |  PDF File


Sacral & presacral tumours are uncommon & occur in approximately 1 in 40,000 hospital admissions.Schwannoma is one of the tumours that occur in these areas and occasionally presents with enormous dimensions known as Giant schwannoma.It usually grows slowly and is often found incidentally because it presents with vague and non-specific symptoms. Tumour removal is a surgical challenge due to the difficult approach and vascularity.We report a rare case of Giant presacral schwannoma presenting as a right iliac fossa mass with subacute intestinal obstruction- megacolon in a childhood poliomyelitis patient,who underwent total excision of the tumour and HPE report was benign schwannoma with cystic degeneration and confirmed by Immunohistochemistry. The patient was relieved of his bowel symptoms (obstruction). Recurrence was not noted even after 2 yrs of follow up.