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Outcome of laboratory investigations of jordanian patients with uveitis

Authors:Rame Khasawneh , Asim Almomani
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(2): 1667- 1669  |  PDF File


Abstract Aim: to evaluate Jordanian patients with uveitis regarding the pattern and outcome of laboratory investigation. Method: This is a prospective study performed at the laboratories of Prince Rashid Bin Alhassan and King Hussein Medical Center between Jan.2009 and February 2012. 84 patients who attended to the ophthalmology clinic and found to have uveitis were included in this study; detailed history was taken followed by detailed examination of the anterior and posterior eye segments initially performed by hospital ophthalmologist. Patients with severe acute anterior (more than +3 or more cells or flare ), chronic or recurrent forms of uveitis were investigated for complete blood count and film, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, C- reactive protein, fasting blood sugar, HLA B27, HLA B5, VDRL, ACE level, Rheumatoid factor and antinuclear antibodies. Obtained data was collected and analyzed. Results: The main age of patients included in this study was 37 years, with male to female ratio of 1.6:1. . The most common pattern of uveitis was anterior Uveitis and found in 50 patients (60%), followed by posterior uveitis which was found in 19 patient (23%), intermediate uveitis (13 patients, 15%).76% of anterior uveitis patients yielded positive laboratory investigations, the most common laboratory positive result was HLA B27 which was found in 38% of patients with anterior uveitis. Laboratory investigation was unhelpful in patients with pan uveitis, in posterior uveitis the laboratory investigation was helpful in establishing the diagnosis in 3 patients (16%). Conclusion: The most common pattern of uveitis among Jordanian patients is anterior uveitis and the most common cause is idiopathic, laboratory investigations were more helpful in patients with anterior and to a lesser extent posterior uveitis. Key words: Uveitis, laboratory investigations.