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Percentage accuracy of sexing human adult tibia by discriminant function analysis

Authors:Ratna priyanka Janamala , Subhadra Devi Velichety , Tirupati Rao padi , Ravindra kumar Boddeti , P.Sirisha.
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(2): 1739 – 1742  |  PDF File


ABSTRACT The present study attempts to determine sex of unknown adult human Tibia by using discriminant function analysis and to investigate best variable in metric diagnosis of sexing. Anthropometric variables of 71 human adult tibiae of unknown sex were subjected to FISHERS Z STATISTIC analysis to assume sex and standard deviation; t-value was calculated to determine the Percentage accuracy. The percentage accuracy of various tibial parameters are - Length (60%), Proximal epiphyseal breadth (77%), Distal epiphyseal breadth (76%), Antero-posterior diameter of medial articular surface (71%), Transverse diameter of medial articular surface (73%), Antero-posterior diameter of lateral articular surface (78%) and Transverse diameter of lateral articular surface (49%). The results obtained from the Basic Statistics and discriminant analysis of each variable were compared with available literature. Single parameter cannot be used for discrimination of sex. Only by combining all the parameters sex can be discriminated. With the use of Binary logistic multivariate discriminant analysis technique method 72% male and 57% female tibia can be sexed correctly.