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Uterine septum

Authors:Amit A.Mehta
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(2): 1857- 1858  |  PDF File


Introduction : Uterus, a child- bearing organ lies in the pelvic cavity between urinary bladder and rectum. Though hollow it is thick walled and firm in consistency. A uterine septum is a form of a congenital malformation where the uterine cavity is partitioned by a longitudinal septum; the outside of the uterus has a normal typical shape. The wedge-like partition may involve only the superior part of the cavity resulting in an incomplete septum or a subseptate uterus, or less frequently the total length of the cavity (complete septum) and the cervix resulting in vagina".Case Presentation :During routine dissection for first year MBBS students in Anatomy department, Indira Gandhi Government College, Nagpur; out of 30 cadavers dissected from 2003 to 2006, one female cadaver of 46 years shows longitudinal septum involving total length of uterine cavity Conclusion: A uterine septum is the most common uterine malformation and a cause for miscarriages. It is diagnosed by medical imaging techniques, i.e. ultrasound or an MRI. MRI is considered the preferred modality due to its ability to evaluate the uterine contour, junctional zone, and other pelvic anatomy. A uterine septum can be corrected by hysteroscopic surgery. This procedure greatly decreases the rate of miscarriage for women with this anomaly.