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Ductal eccrine carcinoma- a sweat gland carcinoma with ductular differntiation-a case report

Authors:Ankur Bindra , Vishal K. Bhuva , Dimple Darad , Jasmin Jasani , Shefali Chauhan , Ruchi Shukla
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(2): 1862 – 1864  |  PDF File


Ductal eccrine carcinoma is a rare malignant eccrine sweat gland tumor with ductular differentiation. It may arise denovo or in a pre-existing eccrine poroma. We present a case of ductul eccrine carcinoma in a 70 year old female. She presented with nodular painless lump in right axilla from 2 months. The lump was aspirated and cytological diagnosis of primary adenocarcinoma was made. The histopathology made up the final diagnosis and special stains confirmed it.