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Two disaccharides namely Glucopyranosyl-O-(1->2) fructofuranoside (sucrose) and Glucopyranosyl-O-(1->4) glucopyranoside (Maltose) from Aralia cachemirica Decne

Authors:Zulfiqar Ali Bhat, Muhammad Ali, Shahid Hussaun Ansari, Dinesh Kumar, Nasir Ahmad Khan, Popinder Singh, Ishtiaq Ahmad Chashoo
Int J Biol Med Res. 2010; 1(4): 295-297  |  PDF File


To isolate the disaccharide compounds from the roots of Aralia cachemirica Decne. The roots were extracted with petroleum ether and petroleum ether extract was subjected for column chromatography. Column was packed in hexane and eluted with increasing polarity of solvent upto methanol. Two disaccharides have been isolated from the root of Aralia cachemirica Decne. The structure of compounds have been elucidated as Glucopyranosyl-O-(1®2) fructofuranoside (sucrose) {1} and Glucopyranosyl-O-(1®4) glucopyranoside (Maltose) {2} on the basis of spectral data and chemical analysis. The disaccharides were first time reported from the roots of Aralia cachemirica Decne.