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Torsive gangrenous fallopian tube with torsion of left para ovarian cyst: a rare case report

Authors:Shashidhar B, Narayana swamy, Prem Sai reddy
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(2): 1833 – 1834  |  PDF File


Torsion of fallopian tube accompanied by torsion of ipsilateral paraovarian cyst although uncommon does occur. Lack of pathognomonic symptoms, clinical findings on physical examination, and specific imaging or laboratory characteristics makes this entity difficult to diagnose preoperatively. Its incidence is estimated at 1 in 1,500,000.Paraovarian cysts (POC) represent approximately 10% of adnexal masses. They are more common in women aged 30-40 years. It is usually located on the ligament between the uterus and the ovary, and often only found unilateral. These cysts are asymptomatic and usually found incidentally during other pelvic examinations and surgeries. We present a case of 18 year old women with torsion and gangrene of the left fallopian tube with torsion and gangrene of left paraovarian cyst, presented as acute abdomen and managed surgically.