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Study of effect of eclampsia and chronic hypertension on gross morphology of placenta

Authors:Abhilasha Dadhich , Sushma K.Kataria, Kushal R. Kataria, Pushpa Potaliya
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(2): 1771 -1773  |  PDF File


The placenta is the most important organ for maintaining healthy pregnancy. Eclampsia and chronic hypertension during pregnancy is one of the common disorder. Aim To analyze the morphology of placenta in disorders of hypertension during pregnancy.Methods The present study was done on 75 placentae in department of anatomy Dr. S. N. medical College Jodhpur to find out the morphological changes in placentae of eclamptic and chronic hypertensive groups in comparison to those of normal control group. The morphology of placenta including shape, number of cotyledons, weight, diameter, thickness and insertion of cord was assessed. Results It was found that the eclamptic group had low placental weight, less maximum diameter, less thickness at centre and less no. of cotyledons while chronic hypertensive subjects had almost similar diameter, thickness and no. of cotyledons than controls. Conclusion The eclampsia of pregnancy have more adverse effect on morphology placenta than chronic hypertension.