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A study on career preferences and attitude towards the rural health services among the graduating interns of a medical college in bangalore rural

Authors:Vaishali Gaikwad , Sudeepa D, Suwarna Madhukumar
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(2): 1577 – 1580  |  PDF File


Background: There is uneven distribution of health workers in India across the country. This scarcity is due to both the disinclination of qualified private physicians to work in underserved areas and the inability of the public sector to adequately staff rural health facilities. Objectives: 1.To assess the career preference of graduating interns. 2. To assess the attitude of interns towards the rural health services. Methods: Total 75 graduating interns were interviewed using a pretested questionnaire. The questionnaire included their career preferences on graduating and reasons for their choice; respondent perceptions about working in rural areas. Results: All the interns were aspiring for post-graduation seats. Not a single intern wanted to practice with MBBS degree. Only 33 interns (44.00%) would like to serve in rural areas . only 7 (9.33%) interns wanted to settle permanently in rural areas and serve rural people. Conclusions: The attitude of interns towards the rural service is not favourable. All the interns were aspiring for post-graduation seats.