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Serum calcium level in pregnancy induced hypertension

Authors:Aruna Patel , Brijesh Singh , Arun Patel , Manoj Sharma
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 1904 - 1908.  |  PDF File


The study of serum calcium level in PIH advocates the value of serum Ca++ a marker of pregnancy complicated by hypertension or severe pre-eclampasia. Total number of 100 patients admitted in G.M. Hospital, Rewa was studied was done in twice in relation to delivery. On the basis of current information it is clear that calcium supplementation during pregnancy lower blood pressure additionally the effect on smooth muscle relaxation detected in calcium supplemented patient may affect the incidence of prematurity. epidemiologic data suggest an inverse correlation between dietary calcium intake and incidence of PIH. However High Risk group such as pregnant teens, population with inadequate calcium intake, and women at risk of developing PIH may benefit from consuming additional dietary calcium.