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Academic anxiety – a growing concern among urban mid adolescent school children

Authors:Mohan Joshi , R. Gumashtab, N.B. Kasturwarc , A.V. Deshpanded
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 2180-2184  |  PDF File


Adolescence, being the developmental phase with enormous challenges of life situations coupled with pressure for fulfilment of parental expectations, is marked by definite noticeable anxieties. A careful study of mid adolescence can reveal the existing scenario for timely and appropriate interventions leading to minimization of undesirable losses, temporary & permanent, to the families and communities. This cross sectional study, conducted on 410 school students in mid adolescent age group, based its findings as per the Bisht Battery Scale based questionnaire and related categorization. The observance of mild, moderate and severe academic anxiety in majority of students shows high pressures for academic performance and therefore related anxiety levels. Thus, the study concludes that the provision of counselling facilities for students and parents shall go a long way in not only relieving the students from the undesirable levels of academic anxieties, but will also help them to cope up with the academic challenges thereby avoiding possibilities of taking extreme steps like suicides.