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Protective role oxitard on drug induced ulcers in rats

Authors:Sanghishetty Vijay Prasad , Anthireddy Srinivas , Kondam Ambareesh
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 1938 - 1941.  |  PDF File


Abstract: This study was performed to determine the effects of oxitard on indomethacin induced ulcers in rats. Albino rats (Wister strain) of either sex weighing between 150-200gms were randomly allotted into three groups with eight animals each. Rats housed in individual cages and fasted for 24 hours; Indomethacin was administered orally in the dose of 20mg/kg body weight and kept fasting for 4 hours. Oxitard was mixed with Carboxy Methyl Cellulose powder and diluted with distilled water. The solution was administered orally through the gavages in the dose of 200mg /kg/day. Omeprazole (20mg/kg) was administered intra peritoneally as a standard drug for present study. At the end of study, rats were sacrificed, stomachs were dissected out and stored in 5% formalin solution, ulcer index and histological changes were observed. It was found that, Oxitard showed statistically significant anti ulcer activity comparable to standard drug omeprazole. The mean ulcer indexes of two drugs are formed to be statistically significant. (P value is 0.001). Therefore, the results were suggestive of anti ulcerogenic activity of oxitard.